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Oct. 2nd, 2015 09:44 am
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I do't do fic rec posts because I think I'm actually horrible at summing up what I enjoyed about the fic (book, film, etc.), but this time I'm going to make an exception because you guys can't miss this fic.

It's called Strong Black Vine, written by shaenie, who's allegedly new to the fandom. I really hope she stays.

The summary (doesn't give anything away, really): They are both pretty drunk when it finally happens. Not drunk enough to pretend they don't remember or even drunk enough to chalk it up to bad decision making. Just pure liquid courage drunk.

The fic is over 200k long, season 2, first time Wincest. Lots of scorching hot sex (the first half is solely bottom!Dean, the second has a lot of top!Dean too, and dom!Dean, but believe it or not, I actually really enjoyed those parts, too). There's a lot of kinky stuff going on.

There are also some pretty interesting cases the boys solve, ranging between kinda silly to downright scary, and really great original characters.

But the thing that made me love this fic as much as I do - the author totally gets Sam and Dean. The way they think, the way they operate, deal with things... It was all so perfectly spot-on, there were times when I was reading the fic when I wanted to scream "Yes! This is who Sam and Dean are!"

Another thing that I really appreciated was all the ways in which shaenie showed how smart and competent Dean is. I always hate it when people say he's not smart, but I also don't (can't) really enjoy the fics that "fix" this by making him the same kind of smart that Sam is. Because Dean's smartness is different, and I think this fic shows that perfectly.

I'm probably not making much sense, but seriously, guys, go read that fic!


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