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I've decided to make a mega post of my 38 favorite Jensen pics. Which turned out to be a bad idea, because how the hell am I supposed to pick only 38?!?

But I tried. And started chronologically, so you can see that he just keeps looking better and better with age.

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I while ago, I promised [ profile] somersault_j a smiling!Jensen picspam. Somer, you have no idea how difficult it was to choose the pictures! (It’s always difficult, but this time it was almost impossible.) But I prevailed, narrowed it down to 25 pictures (tried to pick ones that aren't that well-known), and thought what better day to post it than today, on your birthday?

So under the cut, you’ll see our dear Jensen smiling. Gentle smiles, mischievous smiles, cute smiles... With a bonus of freckles, eye crinkles, a little tongue peeking out, scruff, arms, bowlegs and more!

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I had this idea for my next Jensen picspam, and [ profile] somersault_j thought it was a good idea, so here it goes - Jensen's freckles!

(Also starring: Jensen's scruff, his eyes and eyelashes, his mouth, his throat, his hands and arms, his bracelets and his general unbearable hotness and adorableness. So you've been warned.)

ETA: Apparently, there should also be a warning for Jensen's ears...

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...because I felt like it. And because I don't think you'll really mind :)

A selection of Jensen in his various sunglasses under the cut. There's also some mouth porn, arm porn, scruff porn and all the usual stuff that you can expect from our favorite bow-legged Texan.

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It's too hot here in Prague to properly function and do something useful, so I'm just sitting here, drinking ice water and going through my collection of Jensen pics. And I figured why not do a picspam?

So here's Jensen and his mouth. Enjoy!

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I don't do picspams because I'm horrible at even the simplest things like linking or pasting images, but [ profile] saltandburnboys and I were talking about Jensen's shoulders and thighs and arms and back, and she's having a bad day so I figured this might cheer her up.

So this is for you, [ profile] saltandburnboys! It got slightly out of hand, but I don't think you'll mind...

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