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2016-11-14 08:06 pm

New fic

Second Chances
2726 words
Gen, episode tag to 12x04 American Nightmare. (Yes, almost two weeks later. Because I am that slow.)
Summary: Magda’s on a bus to California, Mary’s off to who knows where working on clearing her head, and Dean… well, Dean’s still here.

For [ profile] frozen_delight, since our conversation about the past few episodes strongly inspired this.
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2016-09-15 11:29 pm

Birthday fic for somersault_j

3397 words
Summary: Sam’s had this fantasy for a while.
This was inspired by a conversation we had about a gif of handcuffed Dean from Red Meat. The fic turned out a bit differently than I originally intended (as it usually does in my case), and definitely a lot more cracky than I intented, but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway. Happy birthday, [ profile] somersault_j!
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2016-08-16 08:25 pm
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Birthday fic for saltandburnboys

9,513 words
Gen with some Dean/Lisa, non-con Dean/OMCs
Summary: However devastated Dean was after Sam’s jump into the Cage, the year he spent with Lisa and Ben was still almost too good to be true. But ever since Sam came back, the universe has been doing everything in its power to make up for all the lost time, and things just keep going from bad to worse.

I hope you’ll like it, [ profile] saltandburnboys! ❤ And hope you had an amazing birthday :)
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2016-05-19 08:29 pm
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New fic

The Times They Are a-Changin'
1086 words
Gen, crack!fic.
Summary: After God dealt with the Darkness but before he went away (this time for good), he gave Sam and Dean a parting gift: he rid the world of all supernatural beings and he brought back all their loved ones. It’s a whole new world.
Read on AO3.
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2016-04-13 10:43 pm

Birthday fic for skeletncloset

Running in Circles
1651 words
Dean/Benny, Wincest
Summary: Dean doesn’t talk about it, and Benny doesn’t ask.
Read on AO3.
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2016-03-27 04:49 pm

New fic - reposting a Masquerade fill

8677 words
SPN/SPN RPF crossover.
Jensen/Danneel, Jensen/Danneel/Dean
Summary: What would you do if Dean Winchester, the man your husband has been playing on TV for the past decade, showed up on your doorstep?
Read on AO3.
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2016-03-06 10:41 am
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New fic

All Necessary Measures
5782 words
Gen, Dean/Martin Creaser non-con, AU of 8x09 Citizen Fang.
Summary: After Sam takes off and leaves Martin in the woods, Martin is still determined to find Benny, no matter what it takes. And the best way to the vampire is through Dean Winchester.
Read on AO3:
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2016-02-13 07:13 pm

New fic

Graveside Blues
2764 words
Wincest, set in season 11, vaguely after 11x13.
Summary: He uses his body like a blanket, like a shield.
Read on AO3:
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2016-01-23 07:50 pm
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New ficlet

Inspired (though provoked is probably a more fitting term here) by the zero fucks SPN's current writers give about Dean's Hell-related trauma.
It's nothing profound or revelatory, it's basically just me venting my frustrations with the way the show's treating Dean these days.

Right Here, Forever
244 words
Gen, set during 11x10.
Summary: It’s been a while since he’s been here.
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2016-01-09 07:10 pm

New ficlet

So, I've been thinking about Purgatory a lot lately. Benny and Dean were so good together, and there was plenty of BAMF!Dean, not to mention Dean looked exceptionally hot covered in all that mud and blood. So, naturally, I wrote a fic. A very self-indulgent one.

Les Spectacles Dangereux
1999 words
Dean/Benny, set in Purgatory.
Summary: Purgatory is not the best place to get caught in a compromising position.
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2015-12-30 12:57 pm
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New ficlet

It's kinda weird. I think my Dean!girl is showing more and more these days. But after the long stretch of really frustrating episodes of SPN in which Dean is treated like crap and his issues are glossed over, I'm not gonna feel guilty about it and apologize anymore.

I wrote this almost a month ago in response to the prompt "another life" from the Deancest December bingo over on Tumblr, then I talked myself out of posting it, and now I talked myself into posting it because so few prompts have been filled and that just makes me sad...

Forks in the Road
526 words
Gen or Deancest, preseries and season 11, time travel.
Summary: This is his chance.
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2015-12-04 05:35 pm

New ficlet

I swear I wrote this before the last episode aired, so any connection to my post-11x08 rage is purely incidental.

You Learn Something New Every Night
420 words
Gen, mention of Dean/OMC, preseries, underage prostitution.
Summary: Dad hasn’t been home in a few days.
Read on AO3:
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2015-11-22 07:51 pm

New ficlet

So... I didn't really enjoy the last two episodes of SPN very much, but oddly enough, Plush inspired me to write something.

(Because a Vision) Softly Creeping
1017 words
Gen, episode tag to 11x07 Plush.
Summary: Dean’s still reeling from what Sam told him about his visions.
Read on AO3:
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2015-10-02 09:44 am

Fic rec

I do't do fic rec posts because I think I'm actually horrible at summing up what I enjoyed about the fic (book, film, etc.), but this time I'm going to make an exception because you guys can't miss this fic.

It's called Strong Black Vine, written by shaenie, who's allegedly new to the fandom. I really hope she stays.

The summary (doesn't give anything away, really): They are both pretty drunk when it finally happens. Not drunk enough to pretend they don't remember or even drunk enough to chalk it up to bad decision making. Just pure liquid courage drunk.

The fic is over 200k long, season 2, first time Wincest. Lots of scorching hot sex (the first half is solely bottom!Dean, the second has a lot of top!Dean too, and dom!Dean, but believe it or not, I actually really enjoyed those parts, too). There's a lot of kinky stuff going on.

There are also some pretty interesting cases the boys solve, ranging between kinda silly to downright scary, and really great original characters.

But the thing that made me love this fic as much as I do - the author totally gets Sam and Dean. The way they think, the way they operate, deal with things... It was all so perfectly spot-on, there were times when I was reading the fic when I wanted to scream "Yes! This is who Sam and Dean are!"

Another thing that I really appreciated was all the ways in which shaenie showed how smart and competent Dean is. I always hate it when people say he's not smart, but I also don't (can't) really enjoy the fics that "fix" this by making him the same kind of smart that Sam is. Because Dean's smartness is different, and I think this fic shows that perfectly.

I'm probably not making much sense, but seriously, guys, go read that fic!
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2015-05-13 09:16 pm

A bunch of new ficlets

These have all been written over the course of season 10 and I figured I should probably post them before the season is over (or before Carver's butchering of the show and the characters drives me away), so here they are...

With the Mark Comes a Great Burden
Five unrelated speculations/scenarios inspired by Dean’s struggle with the Mark of Cain in season 10.
Rated from G to PG-13.
Gen, Wincest and (one-sided) Destiel.
A little over 5,4 K in total.
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2015-01-25 11:16 am

Ficlet: Rituale Winchesterorum

So I got inspired by a prompt at [ profile] hoodie_time, and wrote a short ficlet last night.

Rituale Winchesterorum
R, Stanford era, gen with off-screen Dean/OMC.
Summary: “Is it really easier for you to accept that your son is possessed by a demon than that he fucks men?”
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2014-06-07 04:31 pm

SPN drabble: Forever Trusting Who We Are

Forever Trusting Who We Are
103 words
Wincest, post-9.23, demon!Dean.
Summary: Some things remain constant.
Read on AO3.
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2014-04-30 03:29 pm

Ficlet: Who Are You?

I got kinda bored at school today so naturally I tuned out what the teacher was saying and wrote a Supernatural ficlet instead.

Who Are You?
Season 9, gen, Dean-centric, Mark of Cain. 668 words.
Read on AO3.