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It was my birthday yesterday, and my brother (the one who got me into watching SPN, btw) gave me a pretty awesome gift -- a Supernatural comic that he made himself. I'm tagging you, [ profile] somersault_j, [ profile] saltandburnboys, [ profile] souslelys, [ profile] trendykitty and [ profile] skeletncloset because I think it might make you laugh.

First of all, a few explanations and clarifications:
1. My brother is 22, but his drawing style got stuck somewhere around age 5, so that's why this looks like a kid's drawing. But I think he's got a knack for capturing the essence of what he's trying to draw :-)
2. In order for the comic to make a little more sense, you should probably know that me and my brother often joke about Dean's bowlegs, Sam's crazy hair, and we're kind of obsessed with the word "moose" and all the variations of the world's plural that the SPN cast came up a few years back at Comic Con (moosi, meese, meeses etc.).
3. My brother's handwriting isn't very legible, so I put what the characters are saying under the pictures.

And now, without further ado, please take a look at the masterpiece that my brother created:

D: Hey!
D: Anything on Amara?
S: You're an idiot.
D: Why?

S: Why do you think?
D: Dunno.
S: See? That's what I'm talking about.
D: At least I'm not the alpha moose...

Now, the next one's a new story, unrelated to the previous one. And as my brother pointed out, it's obvious that it's a dream, since Dean doesn't have bowlegs. (At first.)

S: Dean! Am I dreaming?
D: Yes, you are.
S: Oh no! My laptop!
D: It got pwned by a pack of meeses! Hahaha!!!

By the way, the reason Sam's chair and desk are falling apart is that my brother couldn't draw the furniture the same way in all the pictures, it kind of started falling apart on its own, so he just expanded on that idea.

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